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Entry April 26, 2010

Hi, thanks for checking in with my blog.  Sorry it's been a while since I wrote, but things have been crazy here, especially with our dog, as you'll understand after reading the post.

This post is actually my monthly article for the CH Kitty Newsletter.  By recopying it, it just saves me time.  What can I say, I'm a busy a mom.


This edition of CH cats and kids is going to be a bit more serious, as I really need some advice on a situation going on. I welcome e-mails on any advice that you want to share.  Please feel free to comment or send me a personal message.
Many of us have made exceptions and bent the rules on what we are willing to do and accept for our CH sweetie. We’ve made special rooms for them, made them “enclosures” where they can be safe when we aren’t there to watch them, and thrown the idea of a litter box, right out the window. We’ve talked ourselves into knowing that its ok to do this. They have special needs, and if they were a child, we’d make these accommodations for them as well. We wouldn’t think twice about ramps or special flooring for them.

From reading past articles of CH Cats and Kids, your aware of the trials and tribulations we’ve faced with Tucker. Finally (knock on wood), we have found a solution to his potty habits, and he loves to go on newspaper. I’m so proud when I see him walk across the room to go into his room and use the papers. I know he still has accidents, and goes on the carpet or the throw rug. We think besides just the CH, Tucker might also have a bit of mental retardation. But because we know he’s “special” we are more tolerant of these behaviors from him.

With that being said, now I need to talk to you about our dog, Morgan. We’ve had Morgan for about seven years. She’s between 10 and 11 years old, we adopted her from our local SPCA so we can only guess at how old is she and what she has endured in her life. We assume she was abused before being found by the SPCA. She had been walking the streets. She’s very skittish of men and strange situations and people. She’ll hide if you raise your voice, which is frequently since we have a toddler to redirect.

We’ve had her on meds, which had helped for a long time, before she leveled out on them. We took a year off the meds, but the behaviors became worse and recently we began working with our vet to come up with a new game plan.

Sadly, nothing that we’re trying is working. Her behaviors are out of hand, and I’m at my wits end with her. The vet calls her incorrigible. At a recent exam, we tested her urine since she has been eliminating in our sons room and in our living room. Dr. Herring said with a perfect test result, that’s all he can say. We have wiggle room with her meds, but they obviously aren’t working. When my husband is home (he works away) Morgan is a dream. She listens, she goes outside to use the potty and life is just easier. But, when Brian is gone Morgan acts out.

We’ve tried crating her, and she barks non stop. She was ok being in Tuckers “room”, because she could see us. But what kind of life is that? And where would I put Tucker?

I’m so frustrated with her, that I’m contemplating putting her to sleep. Which is something I can’t rationalize since she is so healthy, just mentally unstable. I’ve talked with rescue groups, and friends who are rescuers who have given me great advice. One of my rescue friends, actually said what kind of life is she having if she is hiding constantly? And she’s right. What kind of life is that? I couldn’t imagine living with such constant fear and uncertainty.

This week, I’m going to start ripping up the only bit of carpet remaining in our downstairs, because I just can’t stand stepping in something that doesn’t belong there, and lets be honest, first and foremost it’s unfair to our son.

So, please leave me a message on the board or e-mail if you have any suggestions to help make our lives less dramatic when it comes to Morgan.

From our CH sweeties (and other furbabies) to your family: Happy Mothers Day, Happy Memorial Day and Happy May!

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