Thursday, April 28, 2011

Morning of Day 2, Calming Collar

Mother Nature 1
Morgan 1
Me 0

Well, in all honesty, I have to give credit to the calming collar.  It did have a positive effect on her.

Last night, we were in the middle of a horrible thunder storm cell.  Most of the evening and until this morning we were under a warning.  We also had a watch for tornado's.  To my knowledge none touched down near us.  There was one about an hour away in Emporium.  I hope no one was seriously hurt.  And on that note, our thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Alabama and Georgia after the tornado's that touched down there.

Last night, there was a strange energy hanging around the house.  All the pets were on edge, so was I... I was feeding off of them.

Morgan wanted to come upstairs with us to sleep, but I told her she needed to stay downstairs and sleep with Tucker.  Petey couldn't decide where to go.

At one point, Morgan had climbed through the gate and was almost upstairs when I caught her and sent her back down.  Some time later, she succeeded and ended up in Drew's room.  I thought I heard her, but fell back asleep.  I got up to check on everyone before "really" going back to bed, and found her laying on Drew's bed.  I was most unhappy.

I got her out of his room, and she ran into my doll/kitty room and was on the bed.  I tried to move her off the bed, but she rolled over onto her back and tried to fight me.  I got a hold of her collar and pulled her off the bed.  Then proceeded to send her downstairs to sleep for the rest of the night.

This morning she didn't want to go out, when I put Petey out.  But did come out from under the couch, when she heard the kitties getting their morning meal.  She went out without struggle.

They are calling for another severe thunderstorm to come in this evening.  Lets hope it's not as bad as the one like last night.

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