Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 1, Calming Collar

This afternoon at Walmart, I bought Morgan a calming collar.  It's by Pro-Pet.  Anti-stress?  What stress does the dog have, seriously?  Last I checked, she didn't have to worry about bills, cleaning the house or trying to keep everyone happy.... I guess that's just "my" job. I wonder if it would work on me?  I'm sure Drew and Brian would appreciate a less-yelling kind of day.

So far so good.   Today, has been a very stormy day.  If you live in the US, I'm sure you've noticed that Mother Nature, is a bit on the cranky side. 

With all the thunder, strong-pelting rain and high winds we've been having, Morgan has been out and is currently sleeping on the couch, while Petey (our other dog), is curled up under my legs.  He doesn't like thunder.

We're cautiously optimistic that the calming collar and her puppy-prozac will help ease the tension in the house and make it peaceful again... well as peaceful as a home can be with a three year.

Looking forward to reporting good news tomorrow... until then.... stay dry.

Morgan and Petey.

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