Wednesday, June 22, 2011

July CH Kitty Entry place.

Hi fellow CH Moms and Dads.  Here is where we'd like you to answer this months trivia question.

Good Luck!

This months question is regarding Ms. Cassie D.

In the article her mommy wrote about her, who did Cassie get to meet twice?  (Her picture is with someone who sees us when we're sleeping, who knows when we're awake, knows if we've been good or bad, so be good for goodness sake).

Congrats to Elsie who is our winner from last month.  Please send me an e-mail with your mailing address.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I really should post more often....

First, let me start by apologizing for not posting sooner.  I really have no excuses other than being burned out.  As a S.A.H.M. of a very active preschooler and the pet mom to several pets, with the majority being special needs, I just needed a break.  Mainly, honestly, from Tucker.  The cat from Hell.

Some of you from the CH kitty club, have read my posts about Tucker.  They seem to be the same thing over and over again.

Tucker has ruined my desire to be a CH mom.  Or maybe I was just spoiled by being loved by the greatest CH kitty of all time, Piglet.  Nothing with Tucker has been easy.

Tucker and his sister Sloan, came into my life in May 2010.  A wonderful lady who rescues cats, had taken in their mom, and she gave birth to five kittens.  Tucker and Sloan were the only ones that survived.  She realized they were special and needed more care than she could provide.  I had the ability to help her out. 

With the help of a wonderful animal lover named Stephanie; Momma, Tucker and Sloan made their trip from the Windy City to my sleepy little town in Pennsylvania.  Things were really touch and go with Sloan from the beginning.  Momma didn't always tend to her or nurse her, so I stepped up and spent more time with her.  Tucker was well doted on by his Momma. 

At our first vet appointment, our vet told me not to expect Sloan to make it.  That day Sloan was just not herself.  She was unresponsive, her heartbeat kept dropping when the vet moved her around.  She had no desire to eat or drink.  I took her home, preparing for the worst, and before long, we had fallen into a routine.

I would wake up early to go feed the kittens and play with them before Drew would get up, and I'd stay up late to spend time with them too.  Eventually Tucker was strong enough to be adopted out.  Surprisingly I found him a new parent pretty quickly.  She was a vet tech and had a lot of experience with Ch'ers.  I felt comfortable sending him to live with her.  Momma also found herself a wonderful home.  Sloan stayed with us, and we often joked she was our other child, she needed a lot of help and we were here to provide it to her.  Sadly, Sloan started to have seizures and we weren't able to control them with meds and we had to let her go. 

It was a very sad day, and we still miss her.

I kept in contact with Tuckers family and  got to hear updates about him.  Sadly, a health condition forced them to find homes for some of their pets, and we were asked to take Tucker.  We accepted.  Little did we know what we were about to get involved with.

To the best we can figure, they never worked with Tucker and his litterbox abilities.  They provided piddle pads and rugs for him and that was it.  We've been able to work with him, and have gotten him trained to go on newspapers and I have throw rugs for him too. 

We will go a week or so with positive results, and then we'll have a set back.  It's like something just shuts off in his brain and he decides to go wherever.  The most frustrating, is when he's a few feet from his "room" and won't go into it. 

 Other than the potty issues, Tucker really is  a sweetheart.  He's loving and loves to snuggle.  If he wasn't such a sweetheart, truly disliking him would be a lot easier.

Sadly, I have decided to put Tucker up for adoption to an experienced CH caretaker.  Someone who is more patient and can deal with his bathroom antics.  I'm realistic that adoption may not be an option, but a new "room" is.  I have plans for a kennel, for him.  One that he won't be able to climb out of and one that's easy for me to access to clean and get Tucker out of.   And what a beautiful sight that will be in my den.  But, if it helps out in the long run, it's worth it right?

Here are a few pictures....

Tucker "hung over" on News Year Day.  He's just a cool cat to play and hang out with.

One of the first pictures of Tucker, when he came to live with us.

Our first CH kitty, Piglet. 

Morgan and Tucker.  This was taken before Tucker left to live with his new family.  Tucker has a rough play streak in him.

This is sweet Sloan.  She was very young in this picture, but such a little love bug.