Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A new page at Whiskers and Whispers

For this entry, we're going to change gears abit, and write about something else. 

Words, that I can hardly bring myself to write, but yet, I need to get the words out to someone, someone who will listen.  Someone who will understand.  Someone who will not look at me and make a judgement.  Someone who will not pity me.  Someone who will say, your amazing and your kicking ass.  Someone who will still accept us, when we're not having a great day.... and know that this is totally out of our hands.

In the fall of 2011, our son D was diagnosed with ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, NOS.  Our first pediatrician thought it was Aspgerbers High Functioning.  Our second (the first moved), says no AHF, but rather something that isn't defined yet.

We meet with a pyschologist, psychatrist, I really don't know what Dr. G is.   He just refers to D as being on the spectrum, which pisses me off.  My son isn't autistic.  I don't see him that way.  The only thing we agree on is the ADHD.

I see him as a little boy with social issues.  Although, this year at preschool he has FLOURISHED.  He's doing so great.  He's a talker... and will be a great politician one day.  He has behavioral issues, which need to be defined and controlled.  Not everyday is a day where I want to pull my hair out or end it with a really stiff drink.  Somedays, are so typical and normal, you'd never think we were a family with issues.

Tomorrow, we meet with the kindergarden transition guy.  We had our original meeting with him in February, and tomorrow he tells us what he's recommending for D for the new school year.  I'm so not looking forward to this meeting.

He called earlier this week to clarify some things, things that are not big issues.   And told me that he is recommending OT, Speech and a helper.  Which are the three things we wanted for D.  D has issues with transitions, and needs to be prompted (sometimes it seems 100 times) before he gets it.   He also said he was recommending the Autistic class. 

I said, well what about mainsteam.  Going into a class with kids with special needs will not be a positive experience for D.  And all KTG would say is, we'll talk about it.... WHAT?!!?!?!  I don't think so. 

KTG, spent 10 mintues with our son.  Read a report, and wants to put him in a class that won't offer him peer modeling.  I don't think so.

I really hope, I'm pysching myself up for something that is an ant hill and not a full fledge fight. Its hard to sit here and not think about it.... but we all know when the kids go to bed and the house is silent, that's when we process everything.

I'm not in denial, that D does need some help, and I'm sure the autistic class will give him some modification and structure that will be beneficial to him.  But I don't want him in a class like that for 8 hours a day.

Last year, D was in a more structured preschoool setting and he thrived.  But it was his first real structured schooling too.  Our first preschool was ran by a Nazi, who only wanted perfect children to attend.  She had no time to deal or work with a child who needed extra guidance.  I do not like Mrs. M.   I have nothing nice to say about her.... and she was my preschool teacher.

But, at the end of the school year, D had picked up some of the behaviors that other children in the structured classroom had.  D was one of three children that were verbal in the class.  The other 7 were not. 

Well, it's getting late.... and I'm tired.  Time to try to relax, and forget about tomorrow.  Hoping that I can sleep without too much anxiety.  Hoping that the past 24 hours were wasted with thoughts of regression.... but we will see. 

Stay tuned for an update. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Option To Fail

Recently, I had the honor of helping to find a local kitty a forever home. A friend of our family, contacted me one evening, telling me that they needed to find a home for their kitty. The wife has been ill for several months, and sadly the doctors are unable to figure out what is causing her to be so sick. The doctor had advised them that they needed to find new homes for their pets.

Max, is a two year old, who was stepped on when he was a kitten. His back/pelvis area was broken. Max, much like our CH kitties, grew up not aware of his disability. When he walked, his legs crossed underneath him. When he ran, he hopped like a bunny. He was able to get into bed and snuggle. He learned how to get out of bed, by sliding down the side.

That evening, I started networking on Facebook. Contacting and posting Maxs’ plea on several friends and cat rescue sites. I thought for sure we were in for a long haul. I had the will to fight for this cat, the option to fail meant a loss of life.

Much to my surprise, the next day we had a glimmer of hope. A lady, Kerin, whom I’ve never meant before, but I’ve helped on several of her rescue transports (Rescue Road Warriors), told me that she had told her friend about Max. Lisa was interested in getting Max.

Now the fun began.

Lisa has a pet rescue called Adopt-A-Pet, in New York. After a few e-mails, I was aware of all the legalities of getting Max out of Pennsylvania and up to Lisa. He needed to be vetted, be combo tested, and be current on vaccines. I called the vet to get an estimate on the vetting. Soon, a chip-in was created and Max went global. Thanks to several strangers, and people I’ve only ever communicated with on Facebook or through e-mail, we were able to raise the funds to get Max vetted.

I wish that I could tell you that things went that smoothly, but we hit several snags in the process.

The area that we’re from isn’t very cultural. Sadly, a lot of people think of animals that have special needs as garbage and see no reason to keep them. They believe it’s better to just put them out of the misery. When we first rescued our first group of CH’ers, we were told the same thing. But I wasn’t going to let them go. I fought for them. Just as you do for your furry family members.

The family, has had some economical difficulties, and taking the cat to the vet wasn’t an option for them. A poor option, in an uneducated pet responsibility world.

On Sunday, I met with the family and Max. Max is just adorable. His picture didn’t do him justice. He was the sweetest kitty. While we waited for the transport, I sat on the tailgate of my car with him with the crate door open. Max never moved. Maybe it was the fresh air, the strange environment or maybe he knew he was going to finally get the medical attention he so desperately deserved.

On Tuesday, Lisa and Max went to the vet. Sadly, nobody was prepared for the results.

The x-rays showed that Max had two breaks, one that was old and a newer one, one from a few months ago. Max was being kept over night for more testing.

I wrote to the family to see if there had been any other injuries they were aware of. There were. Around Christmas, Max fell off the top bunk bed. The kids had been playing with their gifts. Max was great at climbing but coming back down, he wasn’t very graceful.

Then about four months ago, he had gone outside and had been in a fight with another tomcat. Sadly, the family didn’t notice a difference with his mobility.

I don’t want you to think that Max wasn’t loved or abused. He was loved by the girls, they loved playing dress up with him. Max slept in bed with his human Mom. Unfortunately, responsible pet parenting isn’t something well regarded in our community. Trust me, I changed my husbands mind about animals. Some days, his mind goes back to the old way of thinking, until I give him a nudge back to being compassionate.

His family did care enough to search out an alternative rather then handing him over to the SPCA, where he would have been euthanized.

I’m working with Lisa, to get updates on Max and raising funds for his care. We have set up a facebook page for him. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Prayers-for-Max-the-broken-kitty/127871420636884

If you’re a member of the facebook community, I invite you to come and visit.

We also have a chip-in established for him. The funds are directly going to Lisa and Adopt-A-Pet rescue. http://maxtthekittywithabrokenback.chipin.com/max-and-adopt-a-pet-rescue

 I hope to have good news to share soon.

Please share on any other cat rescue or cat groups you belong to. Lisa, Max and I greatly appreciate it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

July CH Kitty Entry place.

Hi fellow CH Moms and Dads.  Here is where we'd like you to answer this months trivia question.

Good Luck!

This months question is regarding Ms. Cassie D.

In the article her mommy wrote about her, who did Cassie get to meet twice?  (Her picture is with someone who sees us when we're sleeping, who knows when we're awake, knows if we've been good or bad, so be good for goodness sake).

Congrats to Elsie who is our winner from last month.  Please send me an e-mail with your mailing address.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I really should post more often....

First, let me start by apologizing for not posting sooner.  I really have no excuses other than being burned out.  As a S.A.H.M. of a very active preschooler and the pet mom to several pets, with the majority being special needs, I just needed a break.  Mainly, honestly, from Tucker.  The cat from Hell.

Some of you from the CH kitty club, have read my posts about Tucker.  They seem to be the same thing over and over again.

Tucker has ruined my desire to be a CH mom.  Or maybe I was just spoiled by being loved by the greatest CH kitty of all time, Piglet.  Nothing with Tucker has been easy.

Tucker and his sister Sloan, came into my life in May 2010.  A wonderful lady who rescues cats, had taken in their mom, and she gave birth to five kittens.  Tucker and Sloan were the only ones that survived.  She realized they were special and needed more care than she could provide.  I had the ability to help her out. 

With the help of a wonderful animal lover named Stephanie; Momma, Tucker and Sloan made their trip from the Windy City to my sleepy little town in Pennsylvania.  Things were really touch and go with Sloan from the beginning.  Momma didn't always tend to her or nurse her, so I stepped up and spent more time with her.  Tucker was well doted on by his Momma. 

At our first vet appointment, our vet told me not to expect Sloan to make it.  That day Sloan was just not herself.  She was unresponsive, her heartbeat kept dropping when the vet moved her around.  She had no desire to eat or drink.  I took her home, preparing for the worst, and before long, we had fallen into a routine.

I would wake up early to go feed the kittens and play with them before Drew would get up, and I'd stay up late to spend time with them too.  Eventually Tucker was strong enough to be adopted out.  Surprisingly I found him a new parent pretty quickly.  She was a vet tech and had a lot of experience with Ch'ers.  I felt comfortable sending him to live with her.  Momma also found herself a wonderful home.  Sloan stayed with us, and we often joked she was our other child, she needed a lot of help and we were here to provide it to her.  Sadly, Sloan started to have seizures and we weren't able to control them with meds and we had to let her go. 

It was a very sad day, and we still miss her.

I kept in contact with Tuckers family and  got to hear updates about him.  Sadly, a health condition forced them to find homes for some of their pets, and we were asked to take Tucker.  We accepted.  Little did we know what we were about to get involved with.

To the best we can figure, they never worked with Tucker and his litterbox abilities.  They provided piddle pads and rugs for him and that was it.  We've been able to work with him, and have gotten him trained to go on newspapers and I have throw rugs for him too. 

We will go a week or so with positive results, and then we'll have a set back.  It's like something just shuts off in his brain and he decides to go wherever.  The most frustrating, is when he's a few feet from his "room" and won't go into it. 

 Other than the potty issues, Tucker really is  a sweetheart.  He's loving and loves to snuggle.  If he wasn't such a sweetheart, truly disliking him would be a lot easier.

Sadly, I have decided to put Tucker up for adoption to an experienced CH caretaker.  Someone who is more patient and can deal with his bathroom antics.  I'm realistic that adoption may not be an option, but a new "room" is.  I have plans for a kennel, for him.  One that he won't be able to climb out of and one that's easy for me to access to clean and get Tucker out of.   And what a beautiful sight that will be in my den.  But, if it helps out in the long run, it's worth it right?

Here are a few pictures....

Tucker "hung over" on News Year Day.  He's just a cool cat to play and hang out with.

One of the first pictures of Tucker, when he came to live with us.

Our first CH kitty, Piglet. 

Morgan and Tucker.  This was taken before Tucker left to live with his new family.  Tucker has a rough play streak in him.

This is sweet Sloan.  She was very young in this picture, but such a little love bug.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

CH Kitty Club Enteries for June Newsletter

Hi everyone.  Please put your answers here, for the newsletter question:

What color(s) toy is Martha playing with?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 4, Calming Collar

Sorry I didn't post yesterday... you all know how busy weekends can be.

I wish that I could report that yesterday was a good day for Morgan, but it wasn't.  Behaviorally, she was off her rocker.

Friday evening, Brian found her on the table.  Yes, she constantly gets up on the table looking for food when she thinks we're not looking.  I can't even count the number of times I've caught her on the table and punished her.  Brian has only caught his "Princess" up there a few times.  It amazes me, that he is more willing to overlook her doing it, then he is one of the cats.  Can we say Double-Standard?

He did punish her and she hid from him  most of the night.  Sleeping under the couch.  At some point, she did go to lay with him, and he told her to get back under the couch.  It was rather late in the morning, before I was able to coax her out from under the couch.  The rest of the day she was fine, and by later in the evening they had made up. 

It really annoys me how he treats her and lets her back into his good graces so easily.  Maybe I'm the one that needs to relax and let her back in sooner.  But with so many fur-babies to watch over, and set rules for there is no time.

So, this morning (Sunday), Morgan did go out for Brian.  And is now curled up on the couch hanging out with Drew.  Lets hope it's a good day for her... there will be a lot of upheaval.

Later, Brian and I are leaving to do a run of the "underground doggy railroad".  We'll be gone for about 3 hours, and my mom will be over with Drew.  Then Brian will be leaving to go back to work.  At least, she shouldn't have the opportunity to pee on the floor tonight, since we'll be home with her.  We'll just make sure the gate to upstairs is closed, so she can't go up there and act out.

Until later.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Morning of Day 2, Calming Collar

Mother Nature 1
Morgan 1
Me 0

Well, in all honesty, I have to give credit to the calming collar.  It did have a positive effect on her.

Last night, we were in the middle of a horrible thunder storm cell.  Most of the evening and until this morning we were under a warning.  We also had a watch for tornado's.  To my knowledge none touched down near us.  There was one about an hour away in Emporium.  I hope no one was seriously hurt.  And on that note, our thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Alabama and Georgia after the tornado's that touched down there.

Last night, there was a strange energy hanging around the house.  All the pets were on edge, so was I... I was feeding off of them.

Morgan wanted to come upstairs with us to sleep, but I told her she needed to stay downstairs and sleep with Tucker.  Petey couldn't decide where to go.

At one point, Morgan had climbed through the gate and was almost upstairs when I caught her and sent her back down.  Some time later, she succeeded and ended up in Drew's room.  I thought I heard her, but fell back asleep.  I got up to check on everyone before "really" going back to bed, and found her laying on Drew's bed.  I was most unhappy.

I got her out of his room, and she ran into my doll/kitty room and was on the bed.  I tried to move her off the bed, but she rolled over onto her back and tried to fight me.  I got a hold of her collar and pulled her off the bed.  Then proceeded to send her downstairs to sleep for the rest of the night.

This morning she didn't want to go out, when I put Petey out.  But did come out from under the couch, when she heard the kitties getting their morning meal.  She went out without struggle.

They are calling for another severe thunderstorm to come in this evening.  Lets hope it's not as bad as the one like last night.