Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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For this entry, we're going to change gears abit, and write about something else. 

Words, that I can hardly bring myself to write, but yet, I need to get the words out to someone, someone who will listen.  Someone who will understand.  Someone who will not look at me and make a judgement.  Someone who will not pity me.  Someone who will say, your amazing and your kicking ass.  Someone who will still accept us, when we're not having a great day.... and know that this is totally out of our hands.

In the fall of 2011, our son D was diagnosed with ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder, NOS.  Our first pediatrician thought it was Aspgerbers High Functioning.  Our second (the first moved), says no AHF, but rather something that isn't defined yet.

We meet with a pyschologist, psychatrist, I really don't know what Dr. G is.   He just refers to D as being on the spectrum, which pisses me off.  My son isn't autistic.  I don't see him that way.  The only thing we agree on is the ADHD.

I see him as a little boy with social issues.  Although, this year at preschool he has FLOURISHED.  He's doing so great.  He's a talker... and will be a great politician one day.  He has behavioral issues, which need to be defined and controlled.  Not everyday is a day where I want to pull my hair out or end it with a really stiff drink.  Somedays, are so typical and normal, you'd never think we were a family with issues.

Tomorrow, we meet with the kindergarden transition guy.  We had our original meeting with him in February, and tomorrow he tells us what he's recommending for D for the new school year.  I'm so not looking forward to this meeting.

He called earlier this week to clarify some things, things that are not big issues.   And told me that he is recommending OT, Speech and a helper.  Which are the three things we wanted for D.  D has issues with transitions, and needs to be prompted (sometimes it seems 100 times) before he gets it.   He also said he was recommending the Autistic class. 

I said, well what about mainsteam.  Going into a class with kids with special needs will not be a positive experience for D.  And all KTG would say is, we'll talk about it.... WHAT?!!?!?!  I don't think so. 

KTG, spent 10 mintues with our son.  Read a report, and wants to put him in a class that won't offer him peer modeling.  I don't think so.

I really hope, I'm pysching myself up for something that is an ant hill and not a full fledge fight. Its hard to sit here and not think about it.... but we all know when the kids go to bed and the house is silent, that's when we process everything.

I'm not in denial, that D does need some help, and I'm sure the autistic class will give him some modification and structure that will be beneficial to him.  But I don't want him in a class like that for 8 hours a day.

Last year, D was in a more structured preschoool setting and he thrived.  But it was his first real structured schooling too.  Our first preschool was ran by a Nazi, who only wanted perfect children to attend.  She had no time to deal or work with a child who needed extra guidance.  I do not like Mrs. M.   I have nothing nice to say about her.... and she was my preschool teacher.

But, at the end of the school year, D had picked up some of the behaviors that other children in the structured classroom had.  D was one of three children that were verbal in the class.  The other 7 were not. 

Well, it's getting late.... and I'm tired.  Time to try to relax, and forget about tomorrow.  Hoping that I can sleep without too much anxiety.  Hoping that the past 24 hours were wasted with thoughts of regression.... but we will see. 

Stay tuned for an update. 

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