Saturday, May 7, 2011

CH Kitty Club Enteries for June Newsletter

Hi everyone.  Please put your answers here, for the newsletter question:

What color(s) toy is Martha playing with?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 4, Calming Collar

Sorry I didn't post yesterday... you all know how busy weekends can be.

I wish that I could report that yesterday was a good day for Morgan, but it wasn't.  Behaviorally, she was off her rocker.

Friday evening, Brian found her on the table.  Yes, she constantly gets up on the table looking for food when she thinks we're not looking.  I can't even count the number of times I've caught her on the table and punished her.  Brian has only caught his "Princess" up there a few times.  It amazes me, that he is more willing to overlook her doing it, then he is one of the cats.  Can we say Double-Standard?

He did punish her and she hid from him  most of the night.  Sleeping under the couch.  At some point, she did go to lay with him, and he told her to get back under the couch.  It was rather late in the morning, before I was able to coax her out from under the couch.  The rest of the day she was fine, and by later in the evening they had made up. 

It really annoys me how he treats her and lets her back into his good graces so easily.  Maybe I'm the one that needs to relax and let her back in sooner.  But with so many fur-babies to watch over, and set rules for there is no time.

So, this morning (Sunday), Morgan did go out for Brian.  And is now curled up on the couch hanging out with Drew.  Lets hope it's a good day for her... there will be a lot of upheaval.

Later, Brian and I are leaving to do a run of the "underground doggy railroad".  We'll be gone for about 3 hours, and my mom will be over with Drew.  Then Brian will be leaving to go back to work.  At least, she shouldn't have the opportunity to pee on the floor tonight, since we'll be home with her.  We'll just make sure the gate to upstairs is closed, so she can't go up there and act out.

Until later.