Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome to Whiskers and Whispers

Welcome to Whiskers and Whispers, my first blog.   This will be a heart-felt, emotional, make ya think about things kinda blog.  The thoughts may be deep and may be difficult to embrace. 

So a little about Whiskers and Whispers.  I came up with the name because I love my pets, past and present, living and deceased. 

We are a crazy family.  We currently have 3 cats, 2 additional foster cats, yes that is a total of 5 cats.... and my hubby hates every thought of that.  We also have 2 dogs, a hamster and a tank of fish.  Oh and a three year old.

All but one of our kitties are considered special needs.  Peaches is the only "normal" cat, if you can call her that.  She's a female and bitchy.  She is the typical cat.  Flurry and Tucker are both CH sweethearts.  CH is Cerebella Hypoplasia which is a nuerological disease.  When their moms were pregnant with them she came in contact with the distemper virus.  They are not related.  For more info on CH, please visit

CH effects the Cerebella, and causes difficulty with balance and coordination. CH has different severities, and I have had the priveledge to love 8 kitties with CH.  Our first litter of CH'ers were Piglet, Chrissy, Ebbie and Tumbles, they started it all.  We just recently lost Piglet, and we miss him so much.  Followed by Cody, Flurry, Tucker and Sloan.  Tucker and Sloan were litter mates as well.

Our two foster kitties are Daisy and Knolly.  They are visually impaired. Daisy is missing her left eye.  Knollys' eye is there but clouded over.  There is nothing these two can't do, that a normal cat can do.  As I type this, Daisy is sitting on the banister taking a bath.

Our two dogs are Petey and Morgan.  Morgan is a huge cause of stress in our family, and will be the subject of a future posting.  Morgan is a rescue from our local SPCA.  She had a very traumatic beginning in life, thanks to some asshole.  If we were ever able to identify him, we would love to have a conversation with him on the proper way to care for a pet. 

Cookie-Bear is our hamster. She's a little over 2 years old.  She looks like an Oreo.  Poor Cookie has some health issues as well.  She may have cancer, we're not sure.  She does have a bad eye, and I can't tell if the tissue around her eye is bad because of an abcess or if there is something more going on there.

Well, now you have met our pets.... maybe I'll be able to figure out a way to post pics of them.

Thanks for reading the first entry and hopefully I'll be posting again soon.  Remember to spay and neuter your pets to help keep down the pet over-population.  And consider adopting from your local rescue group or SPCA.  True, these pets have some issues, and can be a little more difficult to manage at first.  But in the long run, your saving a life and giving someone a second chance.

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